About Us

Rockbrook International has been running English language programmes for foreign students in Dublin since 1985. We place them in primary and secondary schools for periods of a term to an academic year or more. By being in class with Irish students, they rapidly learn the language.

Rockbrook International is based in the grounds of Rockbrook Park School, a  secondary school for boys in Dublin. The Saturday activities for all our boys take place in its buildings and facilities.

Our sister school, Rosemont, is close by, and the Saturday activities for girls take place there.

Year after year we bring many students from different countries who come to Ireland to learn English while at the same time obtaining these educational qualifications.

Learning through English

English is the global communication language in today’s world. If you give your children the opportunity of studying in an English-speaking country, they will achieve a highly proficient level of English which will last them their whole lifetime.

Students placed in an Irish school and family will rapidly improve their oral and written English, while simultaneously experiencing the traditional Irish culture and way of life, which is noted for its hospitality and friendliness.

It is well known that children easily assimilate a new language. Therefore, in order to learn English, it would be highly beneficial for your son or daughter to undertake our programme.