There is a full day of activities organised every Saturday of each term. They attend special English classes in the morning, followed by an excursion in the afternoon. They are usually dropped back between 5pm and 6pm in the evening. On Sundays, students generally spend the day with the family and take part in whatever activities they have planned.

Mid-Term Break

During the first mid-term break (last weekend in October) and second mid-term break (middle of February), we organise a three-day trip to an Activity Adventure Centre or to places of cultural or historic interest. The trip is subject to there being sufficient numbers participating. If not, an alternative programme is organised to keep the students busy during this holiday period.


TP Test of English

The English classes on Saturday mornings prepare students for the TP Test of English. This test is in two sections: a spoken test (live interview) and a grammar test. All candidates receive a Certificate showing their level of spoken English on the Council of Europe Framework and a separate percentage mark for the grammar test. To be eligible to take this exam students must spend a minimum of seven weeks on one of our programmes.


University of Cambridge Examinations

Students who spend a full academic year or more in Ireland may also take the various University of Cambridge examinations, including First, Advanced and Proficiency.

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