Our students come either on an individual basis or as part of a school group from abroad. Each student is assigned a tutor to monitor their progress and welfare while they are here.

Groups are normally accompanied by their own leaders.

Essential Requirements

There are certain requirements for students participating in our programmes. These are:


Minimum level of English

Students should have a minimum level of English to avoid problems of adaptation – especially at the beginning of their stay.


Academic Requirements

They should have a high academic level, be diligent workers and be keen to learn English. They must make an effort to do the homework given in the Irish school each day and try hard to communicate with the family, even if this may prove difficult for them at first.


Level of maturity and good behaviour

Students should be conscious that they are going to live in a country with a different culture, and that they will have to adapt their behaviour and habits accordingly. Specifically, they will have to follow new codes of conduct while living in a family and attending school.

An Academic Year in Ireland

A School Term in Ireland